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"There’s a fire in Antibalas’ (former) lead singer, Amayo. With his painted face and colorful garb, his presence on stage was magnetic and enchanting. It was as if he was a witch doctor enchanting the audience with his melodies…” - Blurred Culture


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Press Quotes

“Top 12 Musicians With World-Changing Positions.” – The Economist

“[Duke] Ellington uses his remarkable abilities to dispel any lazy presumptions about genre and race.
  [Duke] Amayo carries on that mission.” – The Village Voice

“A raucous, joyous celebration of Afrobeat.” – Rolling Stone Magazine

“Lead Singer Amayo channels Fela Kuti.” – PRI’s the World

“One of the few American bands that I fear.” – Questlove

“Wasn’t that brother James Brown preaching up a bodacious erotic sermon? (Actually it was Amayo, Antibalas’ charismatic dreadlocked lead singer-conguero, inviting the audience to rip off its clothes.)” – Los Angeles Times

“[Amayo] has been credited with introducing Afrobeat to a global audience.” – Soundcheck, WNYC

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