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AMAYO means "If you don't go, you never know."

Grammy-nominated Composer & Lead Singer

'Fu Chronicles' Antibalas

Amayo conceptualized, composed, and hand-illustrated the entire ‘Fu Chronicles’ Antibalas album that was nominated for the Grammy, ‘Best Global Music Album of the Year’ (2020). He was the lead singer of Antibalas for 23 years and the only staple in the band over that time, popularizing Afrobeat and helping it to become a genre unto itself. This album is where Kung Fu meets Afrobeat. It’s a compilation of Amayo’s life’s work as a Jow Ga certified “Sifu” and anointed traditional Nigerian Orisha “Awo.”

Amayo is no longer playing with Antibalas.

As his name “AMAYO” means: “If you don’t go, you never know.” He departed after this album to launch his solo career.

‘Fu Chronicles’ sets the tone for what you can expect next!

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“Top 12 Musicians With World-Changing Positions.”The Economist

“A raucous, joyous celebration of Afrobeat.”Rolling Stone Magazine

“Lead Singer Amayo channels Fela Kuti.”PRI’s the World

“Credited with introducing Afrobeat to a global audience.”Soundcheck, WNYC


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